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Safety Surveys Services

Over the years we have supplied too many off-shore platforms and in return of course to the platform supply vessels (PSV) as well. We see this as an emerging market in which we are and will continue to give our best service to our customers and make sure they have their supplies in shortest time with the highest quality.

Our quick response to the customer’s needs in the past has shown and is still showing them that we are a trusted partner to them, who knows how important speed, quality, effectiveness are in the off-shore supply market.

We have supplied many platform and PSV’ operated in Golf of guinea Sea. All of which were happy with our responsiveness and the versatility of our services. Our experience as the leading maritime supplier in combination with our vast network is allowing us to quote high quality products at a low price, which we are in turn, able to supply within the shortest delivery time among all the maritime suppliers in the USA and Gulf of Guinea region.

Furthermore, we have proven and were acknowledged for our open-minded and quick approach to quickly changing demands by our customers and the way we handled the supply operation in the exact way that was required for the job at hand. Our customers are more than customers to us. Therefore, we go beyond the standard in the industry to understand their needs and the way that we can achieve their requirements. This consist of, but is not limited to, the general supply for crew and deck, but also the complete arrangement for spare parts from customs and storage to on board delivery. We are open to any suggestions to create the best solution for the customer.

In regards to any safety demands, Ocean Proximity Services Llc  will be there to offer the adequate and safest solution available.

We offer the following products and services to our customers (but are not only limited to these):

– British Admiralty charts (BA charts)
– Life rafts
– Fire extinguishers
– Breathing app.
– Gas-refilling
– Calibrations.
– Life buoys
– Flares
– Emergency escape breathing devices (EEBD)
– Pilot and embarkation ladders
– Anti-piracy equipment